Posted by: Big Haul Junk Removal LLC | April 19, 2011

Why we think it’s IMPORTANT to Recycle Metal… Recycling metals is helpful in reducing climate change but it is also economically beneficial. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling metals preserves and increases the number of domestic manufacturing jobs and bolsters America’s competitive edge in international markets. Recycling metals lowers the amount of materials going to landfills, a service paid for by taxpayers. According to WasteCap, a nonprofit organization that helps businesses develop recycling programs, reducing consumption and waste can also improve a company or organization’s customer and community image. Features Metal by nature is suited for recycling. Unlike paper, metal can be recycled without any loss of quality or strength because its atomic structure doesn’t change when melted, according to the IAI, and unlike plastic, metal can be recycled indefinitely. According to Waste Watch, a pro-recycling nonprofit group, aluminum is the most economical material to recycle; steel’s magnetism makes it especially easy and inexpensive to sort and recover, according to The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging Read more: Facts on Recycling Metal |